Public Safety

This is my old stomping grounds and I am very proud to say it is in great shape.

Fire and EMS

Technology and Training head the list of ongoing improvements in the field. New strategies powered by science help in fire attack as well as the approach to medical emergencies.

Every Fire Engine or Ladder Truck is now paramedic staffed and equipped. That means the tools and training to deal with medical or trauma emergencies arrive on scene even faster than before. It means less scene time as procedures are begun earlier and transport begins sooner.

The Fire Department is beginning an accreditation process that will measure how the Department stacks up to other leading Fire Departments in many areas. I expect that they will find themselves in front of most.


Technology and Training are high on the lists of what is driving your fully accredited Police Department to excellence. Heavy use of Community Policing strategies and a relatively new Territory Accountability System help to keep your community safe.

Public Safety Dispatch

The Dubuque 911 center was an early adopter of many technologies and systems that have now become mainstream – such as Priority Medical Dispatching, Pre-Arrival Medical Instructions, Computer Aided Dispatching, Enhanced 911, Interoperability among all agencies and more. A major facility upgrade is in the conversational stage for the 911 center. Additional tools are being investigated as well, to reduce the call handling time and improve response time for emergencies.

Anyone who has been through a serious medical emergency has been comforted and many enabled to be of meaningful help to the patient by these dispatchers and their tools.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Office provides planning and oversight of the Outdoor Warning System and spotter network for severe weather as well and disaster mitigation and preplanning . Though the responsibilities of the office have grown dramatically in the last two decades, the one person staff has not. Technology has helped here, as well.