The City Council is working to make Dubuque a greener city. We will make every effort that we can afford to be successful at reducing the City’s carbon footprint and improving the quality of life for all Dubuquers. We are using a few hybrid vehicles in the City fleet to determine if they are up to our vigorous tasks. The gasoline fleet is being migrated to E-85 use. The diesel fleet is primarily a “clean diesel” fleet and is currently using a soy diesel blend, with good results.

We are partnering with Eagle Point Solar to generate electricity for our Municipal Services Center to partially power the facility using solar panels on the rooftop. We are exploring a solar energy project at the water treatment facility at Hawthorne Street.

We have adopted the goal of reduction of greenhouse gases in the City of Dubuque by 50% by the year 2030. A brilliant not for profit group called Green Dubuque brought this proposal to us with solid research to show that it can be done with little pain and great fiscal return on investment. We look forward to their next steps!

We look at three areas of resiliency when assessing community needs:

1. Environment   –  Does it help or harm the environment?

2. Equity  –   Does it treat all citizens fairly and equitably?

3. Fiscal Responsibility  –  Does it make financial sense?